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About the Show

My Tog Blog is a podcast for people who love content creation and social media strategy. 

Whether you're just starting or already have some experience, I aim to provide practical tips, actionable strategies, and valuable resources that you can immediately implement to enhance your content creation process. We'll also delve into the boarder aspects of content creator life, discussing challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned.

This season, the focus is on building a YouTube Channel. Still, we'll cover highly relevant topics for content creators of all types, including how to leverage social media and other forms of digital marketing, options for monetizing your content, and approaches to improving content research and production quality. 

I firmly believe that building a thriving community is essential for content creators. My goal is to foster connections, share stories, and create a supportive environment. Feel free to contact me here or join the conversation on YouTube, Instagram, or the X App.

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About the Host


My name is Tim Krywulak, and I'm the host and producer of My Tog Blog About Awesome Content Creation. 

I've been a digital content creator for three years and learned much about what works (and what doesn't) over this period. I also have nearly two decades of experience in education, applied research, and project management, all of which involve elements of content creation and storytelling. In addition, I've completed a professional certification as a Digital Marketing Strategy and Leadership Specialist from the Digital Marketing Institute (2024) and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification with the Project Management Institute. 

Before all that, I earned a Bachelor's degree in History from the King's College at the University of Western Ontario (1995), a Master's degree in History from the University of Regina (2001), and a PhD in Canadian History from Carleton University (2005). My areas of specialization included military history, economic history, and (for my PhD) the history of socio-economic policy in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century Canada. That led to my career as a researcher and educator, working with non-profit organizations, then into government policy, and finally on to working as a professor and administrator in post-secondary education.

I'm on a mission to use all this education and experience to help other content creators and entrepreneurs develop content creation skills, build sustainable businesses, and achieve their goals. 

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