My Toolbox

Check out the tools I use below. Please note that unless otherwise indicated, these are affiliate links. That means I receive a commission if you purchase any of these tools via these links.  These are personal recommendations, and should not be seen as endorsements from my employer or anyone else.

Podcast Tools

Riverside is an ideal tool for your podcast video and audio recording and editing needs. It's helped me to produce high quality video and audio files from podcast interviews and Youtube Lives, and I've used it to host meetings with prospective guests as well. I also like the AI features it has for podcast clips, show notes, and more! Check it out and use the code MyTogBlog for a 15% discount.


BuzzSprout is an excellent podcast hosting solution. This tool makes it easy to distribute your podcast to multiple top directories with the click of a button. If you upgrade to a paid plan after signing up here, we'll both get a $20 credit.* [*Some conditions apply.]


Transcripts and captions are essential for podcasts and videos, but are notoriously time consuming to produce. That's where Descript comes in. It helps produce transcripts with ease, making my content accessible and improving discoverability (via keywords). It's also great for automating the editing of filler words, silent gaps, and errors. 

YouTube Tools


Grow your channel with data that provides actionable insights. With VidIQ, you can research keywork opportunities, track your top competitors, and better understand your subscriber base. It also has AI tools that provide video ideas and tips tailored to your specific channel, as well as script structures, video descriptions, and more. 

1 0f 10 Finder

Wouldn't it be great if you could easily find high-performing video ideas based on hard data from YouTube channels in and outside your niche? With 1of10 Finder, you can. It uses an "outlier score" system to identify videos that have outperformed other videos from a given channel, suggesting ideas, titles, and thumbnails that can serve as an inspiration for your next "1 of 10" video.  

Social Media Tools

Especially for smaller creators, growing an audience on any social platform is all about consistent content output, engagement and relationship building. Black Magic makes it easier to manage posting, commenting, and replying to comments. Get Tweet inspirations, preschedule posts, comment within the apps clean "engagement" interface that surfaces your most relevant account to engage with, and track replies so you never miss any. Use the discount code MYTOGBLOG_636074BD for $10 off any plan.