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Audience Avatar Template & Example 

If you don't know who your content is for, it will be very challenging to grow your YouTube channel or create offers that appeal to your audience. That's going to result in fewer views, subscribers, and sales. This product is a Canva template that can help you to better define your target audience, allowing you to create content that will be more focused, successful, and aligned with your business goals.

Video Content Management System 

Keep your video content creation efforts on track with this Notion template. It's what I use to capture all my ideas in one place, track all stages of the production process, build momentum by checking off tasks as completed, and avoid missing out on promotional opportunities.

Digital Product Planner

It's time to get your digital product done with this planner, which provides a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that will help you take that big project, break it into manageable chunks, and get it done.