Can a Blog Help Grow Your YouTube Channel?
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Can a Blog Help Grow Your YouTube Channel?

As YouTube creators, we're always looking for new forms of content marketing to help promote our channels. And in this episode, we look at whether a blog can help grow your channel and how to get started if that's something you're interested in pursuing.

These are the perfect topics for my guest, Amanda Hand, a content marketing expert working with Regex SEO - a Houston-based SEO company specializing in developing custom digital marketing strategies.

The episode covers the connection between blogging and business strategy, the process for developing successful content (including the right way of leveraging AI tools), how to promote your blog content, and how to build a lasting relationship with your audience. I also conclude with a few thoughts about selecting your "lane" as a content creator, from the strategic alignment perspective within your content business.

About My Guest
Amanda Hand is an accomplished Content Strategist specializing in Digital Marketing and SEO across diverse industries, including Travel Insurance, HVAC, Architecture, and Home Services. Her expertise is in creating high-performing content that drives business growth, managing international teams, and converting audiences through compelling ad copy and long-form content. 

Beyond her corporate role, Amanda is passionate about helping individuals unlock their potential in digital marketing. With a unique blend of practical experience, leadership skills, and mentorship, she's a must-listen voice for anyone interested in the dynamic field of content strategy and SEO. You can find the company is working with now at:

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