Creating Authentic Live Content, with Joy Pereira
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Creating Authentic Live Content, with Joy Pereira

Doing a live event of any kind can be pretty nerve-wracking. Even with the best preparation, things can go sideways fast with technical glitches, flubbed lines, forgetting things you wanted to convey, or any number of unexpected events.

So why put ourselves through this as content creators? What are the benefits of "going live"? And if we do it, how can we give ourselves the best chance for success?

These are some of the questions I had the opportunity to delve into in this episode with my guest, Joy Pereira, a former professional stage manager with the Syndey Opera House in Australia and host of the Nerds of Joy podcast. Through her agency, Joy Pereira Creative, Joy currently works with companies and creators to help them amplify their messages via live events, podcasting, and social media.

I hope this episode might inspire you to try your first live or offer some tips you'll find helpful for your next one! 

Episode music is licensed under StoryBlocks. Opening and closing track: Disco Danger, by Jon Presstone.

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