How You Can Be Fit and Busy as a Content Creator, with Daniel Yores
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How You Can Be Fit and Busy as a Content Creator, with Daniel Yores

Do you struggle to find the time to stay fit amidst a busy schedule as a content creator?

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Join us as we discuss how to incorporate workouts into your daily routine with fitness expert Daniel Yores ( @danielyores ). Daniel is a personal trainer and online fitness coach from Toronto, Canada. He teaches people how to build muscle, lose body fat, improve mobility, and enhance quality of life overall. 

He's also the host of The Daniel Ys podcast, a health and fitness podcast focused on providing actionable fitness and health advice from some of the industry's top experts.

In this episode, we explore how to prioritize time better to make space for physical exercise, create structure and accountability to help reach fitness goals, and build and maintain momentum with the right mindset shifts. Additionally, we talk about the parallels between client acquisition in the fitness industry and content creation, offering tips for content creators for that as well.

*Sorry about my voice during the interview. I was recovering from a cold.

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