The Teleprompter: Game Changer or Time Waster?
My Tog Blog About Awesome Content CreationDecember 06, 2023x
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The Teleprompter: Game Changer or Time Waster?

What if you heard about a content creation tool that had the potential to cut your filming time in half while also improving the quality of your on-camera delivery? I bet that's something you'd be interested in as a video content creator. 

I know I was. That's why I got myself a new teleprompter and all the accompanying accessories that make it work. In this episode, I share the results of the equipment I got, the benefits of working with it, and the challenges I encountered along the way.

The goal is to give you a sense of whether this tool may be right for you and share some tips I learned from working with it. I hope you find it helpful! 

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